Our Team

Here at Launch Wise we have a very gifted team of individuals with a wide array of talent and skills. We would like to introduce you to them personally by looking at their bios below where we outline their strengths and roles within our company.

  • Kaci Morrison coo
  • Adrian Morrison CEO
  • Nick Lewis Project Manager
  • Brittain Morrison Executive Assistant
  • Cory Krambule Executive Manager
  • Ricky Leyva Head Designer
  • Chris Cook Videographer
  • Latesha Head Developer
  • Matt Klusman Head of Support
  • Phlo Smith Social Media Specialist

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On behalf of LaunchWise, I would like to say thank you for visiting us online. Our #1 goal is to provide excellent software and cutting edge marketing training to our students.

I hope we have exceeded your expectations and look forward to providing you with whatever tools, resources and trainings we can in the future to help you grow your business online.

Adrian Morrison
- Founder & Lead Trainer


Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.